New PCs and Laptops

With over 20 years experience in the IT service sector, at BootUp PC we know which specification of PC will work best for you to give you the most reliable, cost-effective and efficient tools for your business.


With our jargon-free recommendations and technical experience you will be able to:   

  • Order the best quality PCs or laptops for your requirements 

  • Get a speedy service with products available for next day delivery.

  • Be covered by a minimum of three years' warranty for all devices.

  • Obtain the latest software, with support, for every device.

  • Enjoy seamless integration of all new devices with your existing IT environment.

Additional Recommendations

At BootUp PC we strongly recommend that all devices supported by helpdesk cover are under a current warranty agreement.  If you find that an existing PC or device is no longer under warranty, and you have a hardware fault, then we can get a new PC shipped to you for next day delivery.  We endeavour to have all new PCs or devices up and running within 24 hours, however, we recommend allowing 48 hours as a precautionary measure.


We understand that replacing devices takes time, even under the best of circumstances so for an office with 5 or more PCs, we recommend having a spare 'under the desk' or 'hotdesk' PC so staff can get working again more quickly in instances of hardware failure.

We also have a series of clear, informative videos and walk-through guides which will talk you through how to setup a new PC or device quickly and easily. Our videos and guides, available alongsdie helpdesk support, are frequently updated and reviewed in response to our customer's feedback, to assist you in getting up and running as quick as possible without the wait and expense of a site visit.