Our Mission

To provide quality IT solutions for small to medium businesses

With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, at BootUp PC we know that modern businesses like yours want an efficient, streamlined service where you can access quality IT support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from practically anywhere in the world. We deliver the most reliable, quality solutions because we understand your needs.


To offer streamlined, scaleable services 'all under one roof'

With our system of packages and add ons, you can get a tailored yet flexible plan for all your IT needs; streamlined, simple and scalable. At BootUp PC we have used our extensive experience to give you all the most efficient and reliable IT services you need to run your business with confidence. We have carefully formulated our packages to provide you with 24/7 helpdesk support, regular maintenance checks, anti virus, cloud-based back-ups and storage, emails and office 365, as well a range of additional software and hardware products. This means that you always have the choice to scale the services offered to suit your particular needs, without compromising on quality, or being bound by complicated contracts.





To balance corporate scale excellence with quality of care

BootUp PC continually endevours to offer all our cusomers the best, market-lead products and services, at the highest possible grade of quality and excellence. At the same time, we dedicate ourselves to providing superior levels of customer care and a personal service crucial to the understanding of IT requirements of small to medium businesses.  


To evolve with the needs of a changing sector

We are committed to providing the highest possible standards of service - this requires our team to regualrly review and reflect on who we are providing for ,what we are offering and how we are delivering these services so that we uphold our mission statements and evolve with the market. Our team contantly researches and tests the latest products, works creatively to provide these in an accessible and straightforward way and adapts to the changing requirements of the market and modern businesses.  We love to hear your feedback and enjoy being responsive to any opportunities to enhance our service provision.